Providing a Market Evaluation involves a number of different factors:

When determining the value of someone’s home, the most reliable way of doing this is to compare your home with other similar homes that have sold.

There are a number of things to keep in mind when comparing homes:

  1. When did these homes sell
  2. Where did these homes sell (i.e. which area)
  3. What are the ages of the homes
  4. Is there any basement development
  5. Are there any decks
  6. Is there a garage
  7. Is there any landscaping
  8. What is the overall condition of the home
  9. Was there any buyer incentives included
  10. Is the location considered a good/ poor resale area
  11. Is the market considered a buyers or sellers market
  12. Seller motivation

Another way of determining what someone will pay for a home is to consider what is currently on the market. These listings will be your competition.

It is important to remember that when buyers are selecting a home, they will be comparing your home with others on the market. Understanding what is presently available on the market enables us to determine where your home should be priced. It also gives as an insight on what we can do to make your home stand out from the others.

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